Hermine Anthoine - Staring at the sun

Hermine Anthoine - Starting at the sun

REINKINGPROJEKTE would like to invite you to the opening of their new show.


We proudly present the french Artist Hermine Anthoine.


Opening May 29th, 2010
5 pm - open end

By appointment

We are looking forward to your visit!

Hermine Anthoine. Staring at the sun.

Have you ever heard about heliotherapy?
It is a sort of medicine which consists in prescribing sun baths. This non conventional treatment is given to patients affected by several kinds of deficiency, such as rachitism, seasonal depressions, extra pulmonic diseases or skin diseases. Heliotherapy wasn’t born yesterday, but most of us have experienced its most famous unwonted consequence: bronzing.
Since the late nineteen-thirties, bronzing is fashionable, which has turned it into a way of informing your interlocutor of certain things (such as the fact you were or were not on holiday, or had or did not have access to a solarium –which, in both cases, could be the sign of a social extravagance not everybody can afford, etc.-). Nevertheless, bronzing used to be a sign - and even the social sign - indicating a belonging to the lower class, and more specifically the peasantry.
Hermine Anthoine’s skin is not bronzed; it is a fact that she didn’t let herself or hasn’t let herself exposed to the sun recently. Yet, her last exhibition, Staring at the sun, host by Reinkingprojekte in Hamburg on and after the 29th of this month, puts on display works marked by a significant game with the day star, punctuated by the use of the artist’s favorite material : bronze. Born on a farm, Hermine Anthoine has been building for a decade an art based on disillusionment, shared between the necessities of pursuing the discourse of such an a priori obsolete technique in France of carving the bronze, and of paying a hard tribute to the social sphere she comes from.
The exhibition will present a sum of works for a nice and, at the same time, a hard reverie. Our eyes will stare at leaves nailed to the wall with colored reflects and we will have the opportunity to worry about a reversed time scenography. A little bit far from that, there will be flowers so huge that their stems will jut out the bouquet, while the visible weight of an old window frame will appear to escape at all type of gravity… Conversely, some singular skulls will add a soft tension in this space: will we want to taste a smart biscuit composition, or shall we focus on the consideration that we are going to fade out ourselves ? What is that sun you can let your stare in without being affected by tan? Through her sculptures, has Hermine Anthoine found a way to a time of non conventional rest? Is the aim of these exhibited pieces the prescription of new forms of cert(s)?
Jack Tone.

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