Smell of paint in the air

K3 Hamburg

From 15th until 28th April, the four graffiti artists of the getting-up Studio-Collective DAIM (Mirko Reisser), TASEK (Gerrit Peters), STOHEAD (Christoph Hässler) and DADDY COOL (Heiko Zahlmann) will be exhibiting their works in Hall K3 at Kampnagel. The exhibition "Smell of paint in the air" aims to prove to fans, people interested in art and, especially to sceptics of graffiti art that the stereotype of the sprayer is outdated. Together with curators Rik Reinking and Rolf Bergmeier, the Hamburg artists will present their own interpretations of graffiti in their unique styles, which are well known outside the scene and throughout the world.

Rik Reinking has been promoting the artists of getting-up for some years. The international Reinking Collection also represents young, unknown artists alongside international stars and is known for its diversity and high quality. Just like "Smell of paint in the air", his exhibitions promise some interesting dialogues.

The show includes works on canvas, sculptures, installations and murals, which are partly realized in situ.

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