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Born 1977 in São Paulo / Brazil where he still lives and works.

Baglione is renowned for his strong, simplistic street murals that are reminiscent of Southwest Pueblo cave drawings, morphed with extraterrestrial images, brilliantly placed on rooftops and street surfaces, only visible in their entirety from an aerial view. His images are of the obese and the painfully anorexic - extremes of human shapes, elongated and rounded for the ultimate in simplistic, dramatic and iconic human symbols; thus illustrating his interest in human imperfection and extremes.

Baglione's art is constantly evolving and changing via strong aesthetics and visual language, though his figurative subjects remain constant. Baglione relies heavily on a monotone palette of black, white and golden hues. At times, Baglione's work has had a strong minimalist and simplistic bent whilst still utilizing his elaborate calligraphic language and definite style somewhere between the Art Nouveau images of Audrey Beardsley and the eerie, mystical, whimsical language of the "children's" illustrator Richard Scarey.

Baglione, who uses a deep narrative as the basis of each painting, believes that: "An artist who stimulates the spectator's pleasure and desire to research his production is most important. Being just aesthetically beautiful is not enough."

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Herbert Baglione - Works

Herbert Baglione - List of exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions

Call it what you like - Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg / Denmark
fresh air smells funny - Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrueck / Germany

Wakin Up Nights - de Pury & Luxembourg, Zurich / Switzerland
Still on and non the wiser - von-der-Heydt Museum, Kunsthalle Barmen, Wuppertal / Germany

Vossia - Fifty 24 SF Gallery, San Francisco / USA

Rede de Tensão - Bienal 50 anos, São Paulo / Brazil
Streets of São Paulo - 222 Gallery, Philadelphia / USA

Noticias Populares Newspaper - Museum MIS, São Paulo / Brazil

Reflection of Paint under States of Madness - da Marquesa de Santos Gallery, São Paulo / Brazil

Mostra Paulista de Graffiti - Museum MIS, São Paulo / Brazil
Um minuto de silencio - Funart, São Paulo / Brazil

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Herbert Baglione. Publisher: Upper Playground Publishing (USA)
Dimensions: 21,3 x 15,7 cm, Hardcover. 96 pages.

ISBN: 978-0977885459

Influenced by his older brother, Herbert began drawing at the age of three and never looked back, going on to create evocative works rich in emotion and attaining a level of sophistication and diversity in his work that distinguishes him from many artists working today.
The heart of his work is formed by his relationship to emotional matters such as death, human coldness, family, the world and the work of other artists and his strong desire to retain his sense of wonderment as it pertains to the world around him.

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