Fresh air smells funny

Street Art, Graffiti and Urban Art at the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche

From the 25th January till the 30th March 2008, the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche in cooperation with REINKINGPROJEKTE present "Fresh air smells funny", a group show highlighting a diversity of consistently progressive artistic approaches. All the artists have their creative roots set firmly within the urban context.

The exhibition comprises works of street art, graffiti and urban art, among others by Boxi (GB), Brad Downey (USA), Daniel Man (D), Mirko Reisser (DAIM) (D), Tilt (F / USA), Vitché (BR), ZEVS (F), Pius Portmann (CH / USA), Swoon (USA), Hera (D), Mark Jenkins (USA), D*Face (GB) sowie Os Gemeos (BR).

Visitors to the exhibition (and the external public space art works related to it) are invited to immerse themselves in the idiosyncratic world of images and thoughts particular to this art form, alongside the artists, who will be working partly in situ. Some of the artists from Europe, the USA and South America will realize their works especially for Osnabrueck.

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The opening will take place on Friday 25th January 2008 at 6pm.

Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche
Hasemauer 1
49074 Osnabrueck / Germany - Google Maps

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fresh air smells funny - Catalogue

An exhibition with selected urban artists

The publication "Fresh Air Smells Funny" shows street art and graffiti that shares common roots in the "urban space" and which has developed in highly individualized directions in the past few years. The artists in many cases employ means that come from classical genres like sculpture, painting and drawing, but also make use of everyday objects such as stencils, stickers, packing tape, etc. Occupying the public space, the works draw the attention of passers-by to social conditions and show them a new side of the world they are currently moving through - sometimes with humor, and sometimes by applying a more radical strategy. The museum as protected art space and field for experimentation - in this case the Kunsthalle Osnabrück - offers the young artists a new opportunity to show their works to an open-minded, interested public.
This richly illustrated book features current works of internationally reputed street artists, including Banksy (GB), Boxi (GB), Brad Downey (USA), Daniel Man (D), Mirko Reisser (DAIM) (D), Tilt (F/USA), Os Gemeos (BR), Vitché (BR), Mark Jenkins (USA), Hera (D), Zezao (BR), Herbert Baglione (BR), Swoon (USA), Pius Portmann (CH/USA), D*Face (GB) and ZEVS (F).

Fresh Air Smells Funny at Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche Osnabrueck / Germany.

Authors: André Lindhorst, Rik Reinking

Publisher Kehrer, 2008
Hardcover, Dimensions: 17 x 23 cm, 128 pages
Language: German / English

ISBN 978-3-939583-94-3

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