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Das temporäre Skulpturenprojekt 2006
2007. Hamburg / Germany. Organisation Galerie Peter Borchardt. Curator Rik Reinking.
German / English, 176 pages,
24 x 19 cm, Hardcover,
28,00 EUR / 45,00 SFR

ISBN 978-3-937014-53-1
Publisher: modo Verlag

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Art within the public space has fallen into disrepute. All too often, works of contemporary art erupt on squares and in parks during road or building work and are seen as nothing more than a polite distraction or a ‘dollying-up’ of the urban environment.
sculpture @ CityNord showed that art within the public space neither has to act as makeshift, nor salve the conscience of the people responsible for neglected city districts. With that in mind, the sculpture exhibition that took place from 14th May till 24th September 2006 as part of Hamburg’s Summer of Architecture, may have been a sign that things are changing as throughout the planning and organisation of the project both the Grundeigentümer-Interessengemeinschaft City Nord, gallerist and organizer Peter Borchardt and curator and art-collector Rik Reinking all acted in concert.

The participating artists (many of whom produced works explicitly for the project at Hamburg’s City Nord) were fundamentally committed to every aspect of the concept. For his piece "Back Door", Jimmie Durham set a door into the lawn, which symbolically obstructed access to the earth. Johanns Esper deliberately lost a diamond on the vast site and Poison Idea laid out the "Big Puddle" that the audience had to respond to.

The viewer was allowed the space to fully interact within the context of each artwork. As this worked very well, spontaneous activities (alongside guided tours, concerts and talks with the artists) evolved during the temporary project. sculpture@CityNord will continue in 2008. The evidence of this whole process of public, private and above all artistic interactions are well documented in the catalogue, which we warmly recommend to any individual or organisation involved with art in the public space.

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