DAIM - daring to push the boundaries

2004. Dimensions: 20 x 22 cm, Softcover, Languages: German/English
Authors: Mirko Reisser, Lena Mwinkand, Sarah Behrend.
Publisher: getting-up
ISBN: 3-00-014155-3

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In order to demonstrate the intensive process of finding ways to illustrate his name, to make it an entity and to bring it to perfection, the 3D-virtuoso from Hamburg loves taking his own idiosyncratic route off the graffiti path. His styles seem to burst off the walls in order to explode onto the canvas, making way for a photo-realistic series to finally be revived as sculptures. DAIM's gallery holds a variety of techniques and motives: the strange gaze of an exotic fish, a perspectival illustration of a gas mask alongside complex sketches of his name; acrylic images next to drawings…
For the first time, his works are shown in a book of 108 pages.

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