For the first time, the French performance artist JR shows his large (20x25m) scale photographic placards of the FACE 2 FACE project within the context of a public space.Along various points of a city walking tour, the works will be exhibited in the street, in a sort of open-space gallery; accessible and visible to anyone.
The exhibition space RAUM 210 at Friedrichstr. 210 will be both the starting point and the main information point of the ‘tour’.

FACE 2 FACE in Berlin 28.09. - 06.10.2007

RAUM 210
At the Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstr. 210, 10969 Berlin / Germany
Mon - Sun 1 – 7 pm

Fri 28.09.2007, 6pm

On Sunday 30th September 2007 at 2pm, RAUM 210 will be showing the cinematic documentation of the FACE 2 FACE project in the Middle East. Afterwards, a panel discussion on the topic of "Art Within The Public Space As A Mirror Of Society" will take place. The panel will include, among others, the artist JR and the art collector and curator Rik Reinking.

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